1932 Auburn Speedster
owned by Don and Joan Lyons


"Best of Show"
"People's Choice"

"Thanks for six great wheels"

Don Lyons

When Don Lyons called, we discussed the process and cost to restore the six wheels for his 1932 Auburn Speedster..  He decided that chrome plated spokes be used.  He will send the hubs and rims to the plating shop doing the rest of the plating for the car.
After the wheels arrived, they were inspected and bent rim flanges straightened. Next, lateral and radial run out dimensions were documented, spoke lacing patterns photographed,  and spoke samples removed from each wheel.The wheels were disassembled and returned to him.

New chrome plated spokes were fabricated during the time the hubs and rims were being chrome plated.

Once the chrome plated hubs and rims arrived, the new spokes were laced, and the assembled wheels trued and spokes tuned to OEM specifications .The completed job was shipped out immediately to meet his deadline.

It gave me great satisfaction to help return one of the finest automobiles ever made to its former glory. This job is a perfect example of the wire wheel restorations we have done at Wheel Repair Service of New England during the past fifty years in business.



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